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Saturday, December 24, 2011

How To Get Facebook Security Code?

When a Facebook user encounter login problems, the user resort to a self-service password reset offers by Facebook in a form of " forgot my password " link. 

The password recovery takes minutes to accomplish by going into answering of security questions and at the end of the process a Facebook security code or commonly known as password reset code is being sent to the email of the user and this code is copied and enter into verification box to successfully reset a Facebook password.

What is a Facebook security code or password reset code?

Password Reset Code is a series of number and letter in a form of security code that Facebook sent to an email of a Facebook user every time this user forgot password and goes into recovery process to gain access on their account. 

Why do you need a password reset code?

Any Facebook account that is not accessible despite entering a correct email and password will need to undergo a recovery process to have their password renew. And before it will let you change to a new password a password reset code will be needed first to verify your  account transaction.

How to get Facebook security code to reset your password?

With this procedure you can quickly and easily get back with your account.

Go to (click this link).

1. A Facebook page "Identify Your Account" will appear. See the image below

Identify Your Account Page

2. Enter your complete email address at the first box before hitting the "Search" button. See image below:

Identify Your Account Page

3. A security check page will appear. Enter the two captcha words in the box before hitting the "Submit" button. See image below:

Captcha Box

4. The "Identify Your Account" page will appear again. Verify your Facebook Account from the list by selecting it, before hitting the "This is my Account" button. See image below:

 Identify My Account Page
5. The "Reset Your Password?" page will appear. Verify that the email address is correct before hitting the "Reset Password" button. See image below. After the button was pressed, Facebook will send the security code in your email account.

 Reset Your Password Page

6. After pressing the "Reset Password" button, the page where you will input the security code will appear. See image below:

Reset Your Password Page
7. On your internet browser, open a new tab to access your email account. (Do not close the page where the box to input security code is, as you will access this again as soon as you get the security code from your email) Look for the Facebook security code on your inbox. If you can not find it in the inbox, try searching on the spam or junk folders. See image below:

Email Inbox
8. Open the mail and copy the security code (a series of numbers)

 Email Inbox
9. Now, go back to the tab where you will input the security code in the box. Paste the copied code in the box before hitting the "Submit code" button. See image below:

 Reset Your Password Page 
10. After you press the "Submit code" button, A new page will appear for your to enter a new password. Then, enter again to confirm new password before hitting the "Change Password" button. See image below:

Change Password Page
11. Lastly, after changing to a new password, Update your security information before hitting the "Save and Continue" button. See the image below:

Update your account page

So now you can access your Facebook account anytime you want using your email address and new password.

Here is better way to reset your Facebook password without the needs for the Facebook security code. Please watch it!