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Saturday, December 24, 2011

How To Recover Facebook Account?

A Facebook account that is not accessible and prevent its user from opening can be considered temporarily blocked, disabled and deleted account.

What is temporarily blocked account?

A temporarily blocked account is a security feature of Facebook to protect its account owner from being hacked. Someone attempted to access the account using improvise password and answer its security question with false answer. If this happens, Facebook blocked this account temporarily. It would take at least 24 hours before the temporarily blocked is lifted.

What is disabled account?

When an account gets disabled it can be a result of  the following reasons: (1) they find its content abusive and against its  Terms. (2) experts on this site taught an account is phished and spreading spams, the account will be disabled without warning. (3) Facebook accounts that have been reported or detected for policy violations.

What is deleted account?

When a Facebook account owner decided to not to be part of Facebook anymore, they can easily delete their account. Some of the reason for leaving the site are Privacy issue, cyber bullying and poor support from the site's technical help experts.

What to do to recover a Facebook account?

I have listed here things that you might consider to regain access to your Facebook account
1. If your account is temporarily blocked, patience is the key. Wait for it until temporarily blocked is lifted. If after gaining access and some of its features like chat, message sending, etc.. you are still block from using these features, you will need to contact them via online forms that you can find here: How To Contact Facebook.

2. If your account is disabled, you will need to fill up the form from this link:

and submit it to Facebook Support Team, by clicking the "Send" button. Please refer to the image below
My Personal Page Disabled
My Personal Page Disabled
Or, You can write to, express your interest on recovering your account. Explain why your account should not be disabled. Facebook Support Team will activate an account only once, so it is better for you to know the reasons why they disabled your account  to avoid doing it again.

3. If your account is deleted, a 14 days delay is given to the account owner before the account is permanently deleted. Within 14 days if you decided to recover your account, just log-in your email and password and your account will be back again. You can also try to recover the account by going into recovery process of sending a password reset code on your email to renew your password and gain access.

You can go to (click this link) 
and follow the onscreen instruction to reset your password.