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Monday, February 6, 2012

How To Bypass Facebook Security Code To Reset Password

On my first video on How To Get Facebook Security Code (Password Reset Code) - Video Tutorials  I have explain a simple password reset procedure if ever you experience log-in problems with your Facebook account. This involves answering security questions and sending to your email a Password reset code, a series of number and letter in a form of security code. This latter, will then be copied and enter into verification box before a new password will be offer to its trouble fb user.

How to bypass the sending of password reset code in your email, and just go on with the password recovery process of Facebook?

Here's a hint: before you click in the "forgot my password" link at Facebook log-in page, access first your email account. Log-in first with your email: Hotmail, Yahoo mail or G-mail. This email account must be the email account that you used when you sign-up at Facebook. Do not sign out with this email account. Then go to Facebook log-in page and click "forgot my password" link.

A video tutorial to reset Facebook password without the need to copy password reset code sent by Facebook through e-mail.